We were able to gather the results of the Texarkana BBQ Rib Cook-off last weekend, and we are going to try and get some recipes since it was so early in the day, and we were excluded from the cook-off this year.


We gathered the results from emails, and Facebook posts from friends... we were unable to get results from the front street staff.

(Forgive the spelling, but all we are sure of is BBQ)
First place - Unkle Pop's BBQ - $1,000
Second place - Smokin' Porkers - $350 (2012 Champs)
Third place - McClarty Ford - $150

We are not sure of the other teams names, or how many people actually entered, as officials with the Railfest decided to use other media outlets for all of the events except the Easton Corbin Concert, which was presented by Townsquare Live Events..

Congratulations to all of the teams that participated in the cook-off. As a former champion, (pat own shoulder), I know how much work, time, and money goes into it... (I also know how fun it is), thanks for coming out like you did, and sorry you had to wait so long for the recognition you deserved. Listen to our radio stations, and attend our future events and we will call it even, unless we have to pay you thousands of dollars, then we will probably be a little pissy too. Although the smoker in me, is sure I could beat you. Yeah, that's a challenge.