The 44th Annual Jonquil Festival 2012 took place in Old Washington, Arkansas over the weekend. The weather turned out to be very nice but unfortunately, the Jonquils had already bloomed so there was not many flowers to look at. However, there was plenty to see and do and this year's festival.A large crowd of people walked the historic grounds enjoying the arts & crafts from vendors and especially enjoyed the great food be served up including Gator on a stick, BBQ, Hamburgers, Corn Dogs and Dippin' Dots ice cream just to name a few. Of course, I steered clear of the Gator but indulged on a Sausage on a stick.

As usual someone is always cooking up some kettle corn and cinnamon almonds which fills the air with such a great smell you just can't help but want some. I have some buddies there who do the roasted corn, funnel cakes and lemonade, oh... what a treat!

There was plenty of great live music played during the festival and lots of inflatables and a rock climbing wall the kids really seem to enjoy. I got my girls some tattoos (airbrushed) and we just enjoyed spending the day together in the warm sunshine.

Oh, did I tell you I think this is the first time I've been to festival that St. Patrick's Day landed on this day. I was celebrating the day with my green hog cap.

Here's a few photos from the festival I thought you might enjoy~