What state in the United States of America do you think best represents the best beer? A few states named liquor for their favorite beverage. The website Thrillist breaks down the most popular and iconic beer on a map of all 50 states across the U.S. See if you agree!For example, the top pick for Colorado is Coors since it's headquarters is there. The state of Texas gets the nod for Shiner Bock. However, you may be surprised that in a few states, the favorite beer is "liquor." For example,  Kentucky, the choice is Jim Beam, in Tennessee, it's Jack Daniel's, for Louisiana, it's Southern Comfort and for New Jersey, it's Jagermeister.

To qualify, the beer has to be either headquartered or founded in the state, and has to be associated with the state. It's less focused on the microbreweries making the best tasting beer and more on the brands that are most popular.

Take a look at the map and see if you agree!