At Saturday night’s Jason Aldean My Kinda Party Tour show in Champaign, Ill., one fan was trying to have his own party. When Aldean who was at the back of the University of Illinois assembly hall joined Luke Bryan on an acoustic set, the drunken fan began losing his cool, which is evident in the video below. Country radio station B104 was in attendance at the show and came back with all the details.

Obviously, the intoxicated fan was enjoying himself a bit too much, the fan stepped out onto a ledge that dropped about 10 feet to where Aldean and Bryan were performing. At first, it seems he just sort of danced around on the ledge, and when security finally came to take him out, the country stars tried to vouch for him by insisting that he was just having a good time.

Jason and Luke both tried to help the man from being kicked out of the concert,  but the man simply couldn't be helped, and was eventually escorted out of the concert by security to the tune "Nah nah nah nah nah hey hey hey goodbye.

The My Kinda Party Tour will be headed to Green Bay, Wis. Feb. 16 for their next show.

Watch Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan Trying to Help a Drunken Fan