As winter wound down, I think most people were more than ready for Spring to begin. I always love to see life return to our surroundings, tiny doses of color erupting through the soil, new leaves and buds on the trees and our outdoor carpets turn green again. But this year, I got to witness something I've never seen before, a red breasted American Robin prepare her nest on my next door neighbors' window ledge.

On March 28, for the first time in 32 years, I spotted this doting mama!

On April 11, low and behold, I noticed activity! Babies! At first I thought there were only two.


By April 12, I realized there were four babies altogether! I came unglued, I was so excited. I really don't think there has been a mama bird with a full nest of babies on my neighbor's ledge in all these years, but I can't say for certain. But I was delighted to finally see this now.

Although mama takes off for a wee break now and then, she always comes back. The next day they were still looking to their mother for nourishment.

It seemed like they grew by the minute! The nest continued to get tighter and tighter.

By April 16, they had grown so much I feared one of the babies would get pushed out of the nest! Isn't their growth remarkable? In three days... Wow!

The last couple photos were taken Monday, April 16 just before noon. Just hours later, the nest was empty. There was no sign of foul play on the ground below the window ledge, so I'm hopeful the babies all learned to fly successfully.

So between March 28 and April 16, just 20 days, I was enthralled with this tiny little feature of spring in Texarkana, Ark. What a pleasure!