Take a bunch of Santas and get'em all liquored up in a bar crawl, and you get a Santa Brawl on the sidewalk.

Back near Thanksgiving New York police asked bar owners to NOT serve people dressed as Santa Claus because they didn't want kids to see them drunk, puking, or stumbling around. Well, last weekend New York hosted a "SantaCon" and organized a "bar crawl", and the bars were more than happy to get the Santas drunk.

Now there's a video of six of the participating drunken Santas fighting it out on the sidewalk. It reminds me of this song some friends of mine did about a drunk Santa Claus a few years back... 

(I for one am glad to see it, with this type of behavior from Kris Kringle himself, I am fairly certain that this year I may have made the "nice" list.)