Join the Texarkana Museums System for a night of fun and excitement. In conjunction with the Historic Ghost Walks in Downtown Texarkana, Discovery Place will be open for this special night from 9PM to 2AM Saturday June 21.

Whether participating in the Museum System's Historical look at some of Texarkana's spookiest history with the Ghost Walking Tour, or just looking for some fun night time entertainment come to Discovery Place at 215 Pine Street and see what we have to offer. Among the displays, people will LOVE the Musical Tesla Coils.

From the brochure at the Discovery Place Museum...

Nikola Tesla was exploring the nature of tuned circuits resonating at high frequency and high voltage. He discovered early in his research that while using a coil of a given wavelength, other coils tuned to the same wavelength or one of it's harmonics would respond in sympathy by sprouting it's own crown of sparks, even though not physically connected in any way to the operating coil. This is an example of transmission of radio frequency electrical energy over distance without wires.

Our Tesla Coil consists of two coils wound in a different manner than that of a traditional transformer - as it does not utilize an iron-core, but rather an air-core design. The Tesla Coil's primary coil resonates with the secondary coil because they are tuned to be in step with each other electrically. This is accomplished by adjusting the number of turns in the primary coil winding and the total capacitance in the capacitor bank.

The Steel Faraday Cage is utilized to protect the public from high voltage discharges, greatly reducing high frequency emissions and to protect against any possible communication disruptions. It also provides an excellent ground point to which high voltage discharges can leap.

The solid-state Tesla Coil uses modern day industrial electronics to drive an air-core resonant trasformer invented by Nikola Tesla over 120 years ago! The precise control of the solid-state Tesla Coil allows it to be turned on and off at a high rate of speed giving the illusion that it is running continuously. Tesla's original design employed a spark-gap system found on most earlier coils.

You will love watching the caged lightning display move to the rhythm of some of your favorite musical tunes! Special thanks to all that will come out for this special night and support Discovery Place!