March 20 marks the arrival of Spring! It's the first day of the Spring Equinox which means an equinox occurs twice a year, basically the plane of Earth's equator passes the center of the Sun. And after the coldest winter season in years the Spring season is welcome to most Americans.It's natures way of regenerating the big blue planet, of course, depending on what region of the earth you live in. In our case that would be the Northern Hemisphere. With flowers blooming, grass sprouting, birds chirping, it's all about the re-birth of God's green Earth. Spring to me has always reminded me of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, a new life, time of renewal and of new beginnings.

And you can't think of Spring without thinking of putting on a Easter egg hunt in your backyard. Baseball games, cookouts, camping, hiking, fishing just enjoying the great outdoors at such a wonderful time of year.

So, take a deep breath and exhale Spring is finally here ENJOY!

Did you know on this day only you can stand an egg on it's end?

What causes the seasons? Here's a little science lesson 101.