Wow, I know this idea was on the table and talked about, but now it's happened. Samoa Air will be the first airline to charge by weight. The airline calculates the cost of the ticket based on both the weight of a passenger and their luggage.

customers pay a fixed price per kg, which varies according to the length of the route, according to the Telegraph. The rates range from $1 a kilogram — for the weight of the traveler and their baggage — on the airline’s shortest domestic route to about $4.16 per kg for travel from Samoa to the neighbouring nation of American Samoa

As the weight of an average passenger and the price of fuel continue to increase, analysts say it’s only time before other airlines follow Samoa’s new pricing system. Price discrimination, such as charging kids and the elderly different prices, isn’t new, and airlines like Air France, Southwest and United already have policies that require passengers to buy an extra ticket if they can’t fit in the seat with both armrests down

I understand the airlines plight, last December my husband and I had the opportunity to go to St. Martin. On the way back there was a woman that sat next to me and I felt so sorry for her. She was big, yes a bit over weight, but super tall and really just a big frame. She really needed two seats. The airline did find an area with 2 seats available. Which was more comfortable for her and to tell you the truth me too. In this woman's case she was just moved to an area with more room, but they didn't charge her extra and I'm okay with that. It's not like she had a ton of extra space to stretch out and relax she was just able to sit comfortably like everyone else.

I'm really on the fence about charging by weight. Yes, I understand the more weight from passengers and luggage have an effect on gas mileage for the plane, but is this discrimination against heavier people?

Even though, chances are you and I won't be flying on Samoa Air because it flies between Samoa and Samoa America, but Airline industry analysts say it's a big possibility we could see this on other airlines soon.

I can't help but wonder how they will enforce this. What? You call up or get your ticket online, will there be a question about your weight? Hey, here's some news for ya, most women naturally shave off a few pounds off their weight. Please don't tell me, we'll be at the check in counter and there's a scale just waiting for us! OMG!