The Texarkana, Arkansas District Court and the Texas side Municipal Court are both offering an amnesty period for those who owe fines.Arkansas is conducting their period from January 14th through March 28th for people who have warrants for failure to appear or contempt of court for not paying fines.

During this time, the Arkansas District Court will waive the warrant fee and jail time if full payment is received for delinquent citations and the Arkansas side Police Department will not arrest anyone who appears at the Bi-State Justice Center Building to pay these fines. However, after the amnesty period expires the department will conduct a  " warrant round-up" targeted at finding and arresting anyone who has an outstanding warrant.

Meanwhile, the Texarkana Texas Municipal Court will have their amnesty period from now through February 15th.  Anyone with an outstanding warrant with that court can come in and pay the warrant in full without being arrested. To inquire about a warrant (Class C  Misdemeanor) can call the Texas-side court.

Citizens who do not take care of their warrant withe court before February 15th risk being arrested and potentially paying a higher fine.

Steakpinball, Flickr