The Texarkana Arkansas District Court and the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department will conduct an amnesty period Jan. 14 through March 28 for people who have warrants for failure to appear or contempt of court for not paying fines.

During this time, the Arkansas District court will waive the warrant fee and jail time if full payment is received for delinquent citations. Texarkana Arkansas Police Officers will not arrest anyone who appears at the Bi-State to pay these fines. After the amnesty period expires, the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department plans to conduct a “warrant round-up” targeted at finding and arresting anyone who is wanted on an outstanding warrant.

For further information you may contact the District Court Clerk’s office at 903-798-3017, the Probation Department at 903-798-3241, or the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department’s Warrant Officer at 903- 798-3130

(source:Kristi Mitchell TAPD)