Well this is creepy!!! Picture this an ancient statue in a glass case and it slowly spins on it's own!This video just might give you the creeps because it already is creeping out a ton of people! The 4,000 year old Egyptian statue is on display at the Manchester Museum in Manchester, England.

One of the workers at the museum noticed it was facing a different angle after a few days so they decided to film it.

The video is time lapsed so you can see the statue spin! Creepy!

In April, museum officials installed a time-lapse camera that snapped an image of the statue every minute of every day for a week.

When they ran the images in fast motion, they came across a surprising revelation: the statue only moved during the day, when visitors were walking past.

It seemed, Price wrote, that vibrations caused by foot traffic in room was the culprit.

But not everybody is convinced. Some wonder if the statue is cursed and a museum expert said that  "in Ancient Egypt, they believed that if [a] mummy is destroyed, then the statuette can act as an alternative vessel for the spirit." Watch the video and you decide. Either way, it's pretty creep and definitely very cool!