A recent story out of Britain says that two-thirds of drivers are confused by basic road signs. And I'm saying right now it would apply to drivers in this country, too.Are you still confused on the new service road exits and still trying to learn all the different ways to merge into traffic around town. Granted it's nice to have the extra access, but I think it's still a learning curve for most folks around here.

You've heard the words 'Backseat Driver' well... research shows drivers have little knowledge of the rules of the road, that two-thirds of people are totally confused by basic road signs on a daily basis. The study found one in three drivers admit they get so confused they simply follow the car in front when they are not sure what to do.

And that one in 20 drivers say they NEVER notice highway signs. One in four people believe a sign that reads  "30mph Speed Limit" means they are not allowed to go below 30mph.

Ever been in a car with someone who just doesn't get some of the road signs?

Here's your sign?

And then there are the people that don't know what a turning lane is...that's another story. And you wonder why so many people these days have road rage.