Remember the movie 'White Lightning' with Burt Reynolds one of those movies that featured Burt running from cops because he was transporting illegal alcohol thru the backwoods. For some reason when you think of moonshine as it is called, you can't help but think of the southern states. I guess it's a stigma that will always be attached to this part of the country. But here's some good news...

Arkansas Hickory Smoked Whiskey is now legally available in liquor stores in Arkansas distributed by Rock Town Distillery. The golden whiskey is packaged in 750ml bottles with a distinct light-brown label and is sure to be a favorite in any whiskey drinkers collection.

Rock Town Distillery took American whiskey distilling techniques and melded it with Scotch whiskey aging techniques to make something pretty special, Arkansas Hickory Smoked Whiskey. Would you give it a try?

Check out this scene from the movie 'White Lightning' from YouTube~

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