Have you've been watching this season of American Idol? I always enjoy it when someone close to home makes it on to the show for an audition. In the latest auditions in San Antonio, judges were pleasantly surprised by 23-year-old native Arkansan Ann Difani.Judge Randy Jackson traveled to Reynolds Razorback Stadium in Fayetteville, Ark. to watch a game and to invite Difani, who was nominated by her husband, to the Texas auditions. The couple are huge Razorback fans and Difani was completely caught off guard when Randy walked onto the field to extend the invitation.

Difani chose the Faith Hill song "Stronger" as her audition afterwards Keith Urban says "Pretty Tone" “A lot of Faith.” But, she thinks he’s talking about something else. WHOOSH. Nicki thinks it’s cute that her husband nominated her. Randy still likes her. Her husband enters the room.

Mariah begins grilling her about whether she’s a country singer or not.. She gets 4 yeses to go to the Hollywood rounds. Good luck Ann and Go Hogs!

Take a look at Ann Difani's audition in San Antonio.