Arkansas High School Seniors will soon graduate.Graduation ceremony planned for Thursday evening May 22 at 7 p.m. at Arkansas High Razorback Stadium. Here are some details about what should happen from the school district.

1.Graduates will park at the baseball field. Enter the stadium by coming
down Jefferson and NOT Hwy 67.
2. When dropping someone off for graduation, use the Razorback Stadium
Home Gate on 18th Street. If you pull into the stadium parking lot to
drop someone off you will not be allowed to exit until all incoming
traffic has entered.
3. No crowd member will be allowed on the field. All gates will remain
4. Graduates, school board members, teachers, band members and
administrators will enter the field for the ceremony through the gate by
the baseball field. No one will be allowed to walk across the field before
the ceremony begins.
5. Gates will be unlocked immediately at the conclusion of the graduation
6. No special parking will be allowed.
7. No one may take pictures from the rail. No one will be allowed to stand
at the rail. There will be a photographer from LifeTouch on the field to
take pictures of each graduate. When graduates pick up their diploma
they will need to leave an email address so LifeTouch can contact them if
they have not done so already.
8. Anyone in need of handicapped seating should contact Principal Eva
Nadeau at Individuals in need of handicapped
seating are allowed one guest to accompany them.
9. All band students will be shuttled from the student parking lot to the
stadium for graduation.
10. No strollers are allowed in the stands.
11. In case of inclement weather, graduation will be Friday, May 23rd, 7:00
p.m. at Razorback Stadium.
12. Arrive 1 Hour Early
13. Patrons entering from Hwy 67 will park in the visitor’s section. Those
entering from Jefferson Avenue will park in the home section.
14. All handicapped patrons should park in the home section.