It's a good thing my dad didn't know anything about this auction. Walk in my parents house and there's a large picture of The Duke hanging near the TV (mom hates it, but has given up trying to remove it from the living room), dad's prized John Wayne DVD collection sits just under it. In dad's game room there are numerous John Wayne items sprinkled about. You could say my dad is little bit of a John Wayne fan.

So, what are items from John Wayne's personal collection worth to his fans? Quite a lot.


Remember the hat The Duke wore in Green Beret's? It raked in a cool $179,250.


The cowboy hate worn in Big Jake, $199,500.


The eyepatch from True Grit was also included in the auction as was the Golden Globe Award John Wayne won for his role in the movie. It sold for $143,400.00.


Among the other items auctioned off were Wayne's American Express Card, drivers license and passport.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale will benefit the John Wayne Cancer Foundation, which was established in 1985.

What was your favorite John Wayne movie?