We all get tired of seeing those 'sagging pants' that is such a big fashion trend with young guys. Tonight the Texarkana, Texas City Council meeting will discuss the issue for the first time.

The meeting starts at 6 p.m. tonight at City Hall located at 220 Texas Boulevard in Texarkana, Texas and is open to the public.

Other cities around the country have put a ban on the saggy pants. Do you think we should have a ban in Texarkana? Of course this would just be on the Texas side until Texarkana, Arkansas decides to put a ban on their agenda.

I've got mixed feelings on this. Yes, I can't stand the fashion trend and want to tell these young men to just "Pull your pants up!'

But, it's a fashion trend. If nothing bad is showing to where it's indecent then that's different. You really can't give a citation for bad fashion.  Some people might find tank tops on men or women offensive. Young girls wearing those short, short, short shorts and dresses that you think ....Whoa, please don't bend over!

Now, if a store want to ban the saggy pants just like the 'No shoes, No Shirt, No Service', I think that's great. Go for it! But, for a government body to ban it, I say no.