Banned from the Internet? What the what? A city worker in Cincinnati has been BANNED from the internet at work and lost a days wages because he looked at online dating sites while on the clock. Do you think that is fair? He claims the companies policies are "outdated" and "insufficient" to the "corporate and business environment of today." What do you think?

Being a business owner, there was a time when I did not allow my employees to even have their cell phone with them. (Nowadays, cell phone usage equals internet usage since so many use their cell phones for web browsing). They had to leave it in their vehicles. I made that strict policy because they were a few that abused my lack policy on cell phone use while on my clock. I either caught them posting on Facebook or pinterest or twitter while they were on the clock or talking or texting too much when there was work to be done. The people that abused the policy no longer work for me and I allow my employees to have their phones now but absolutely no game playing or online activity when clocked in. I don't think I should be paying someone to play online and I can understand why the city got fed up with that employees personal use of the computer while on company time. That's what your lunch break is for dude, save your online perusal of for sandwich time.

I know there are arguments out there that employees are more productive if they can take an online break to check Facebook. I guess since I am the one writing that payroll check I want people working when they are clocked in. Do you think I'm being too harsh? Was the City of Cincinnati too harsh banning that guy from the internet completely?  Weigh in, leave me a comment plus take my poll below. :)

Happy Tuesday!


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