Here is Texarkana's video for Bark for your Park. The city with the most "views" of their video gets 1000 extra votes so please share the video with your friends and family but remember DO NOT watch the other cities videos, we don't want to give them extra views. There will be a "Viewing Party" where we can all watch their videos ONE time, it is scheduled for this Saturday, July 7th from 11:00am -1:00pm at Daddy Dougaloo's- 905 New Boston Rd. Texarkana, TX. Please come!

We still need you to vote twice each day. Here are the easiest links to use to vote each day!

These links work on PC or Mobile device. Can be used as hyperlink or copy and paste.

Petsafe website link (vote by clicking orange "VOTE" icon under PetSafe's top banner - comments do not count)

I am constantly amazed by the support we are getting on this. Thank you for voting and sharing every single day! KKYR listeners really really really are the best! Love you all! Kendra