This past Saturday night my husband John and I went to the Beatles Tribute band '1964' at the Perot Theatre. Oh, what a blast!! Might I add, my husband's perfect timing allowed me to get some pictures with the band before the show!

The night started with my husband John and I running a little late. Anyone that knows my husband knows he is usually "fashionably late". As we were walking to the Perot from the back of the building we saw the band had arrived and were walking to the back door. Well talk about a "Hard Day's Night" vision! Picture this a black car in the alley with the guys walking beside it!

As they emerged, John yelled "Hi, can we get a picture?" They said yes and my husband said "Get in there with them!." I did, and what fun! Love these pics even though these guys were a little short or I'm just a little too tall! LOL!

Talk about a fun night! '1964' portrayed the Beatles on stage and sang a ton of Beatles hits and surprisingly some songs that might not be so well known. Which was a pleasant surprise to any true Beatle fan. Songs like: I'm Down, And Your Bird Can Sing and Til There Was You. They played and portrayed the early Beatles up to about 1966. Makes total sense, since the band stopped touring that year.

I loved the fact that the audience sang along to so many songs! Nothing like being surrounded by Beatle Fans! Did you go? Did you enjoy it? I loved it! And I'm not easily impressed when someone tries to sing to a Beatles song. I had to skip those American Idol episodes!

If you didn't get a chance to see the show, here's a taste below of what you missed! This is from their show in Nashville. 1964 has also performed at Carnegie Hall.  They've been doing this for 29 years! Amazing...Yes, long live Beatlemania!