I had a chance to visit with Justin Moore before he hit the stage this past friday night. I found it amazing that a guy that grew up not far from here in Poyen, Arkansas never played in Texarkana.

Before getting here friday night he was in his hometown spending some time with his family and friends and enjoying some of mama's homecooking. I had the honor of sitting next to his parents at the show and tried to get a little inside scoop on Justin as kid. His dad said, he was a good kid growing up never missed his curfew. That he enjoys fried chicken, mama's breakfast and more fried chicken. In fact, his dad said he's a pretty good chef himself.

Probally the highlight of the night came when Justin was singing Hank Williams Jr. song "Family Tradition" and got to the part about drinking Jim Beam and grab a bottle nearby and took a swig. His mother put her hands in her face as if to say "I can't believe he's doing that". You have to love moms!

As I spoke with Justin I learned he used to listen to me when I was on the radio in Hot Springs, Ar. at US97. He said he was around 7 years old when he remembered hearing me on the radio there. I guess by now you could imagine how old I felt. Who would have thought years later that I would be introducing a kid that I didn't even know back then.

Justin was very cordial and thanked me for playing his music and adding his new single "If Heaven Wasn't To Far Away".  Looks like he's going to be hooking up with Miranda Lambert's Revolution Tour, and then later this summer with Rascal Flatts. Quite a accomplishment for a guy from Small Town USA.