Did you catch Joe Adam's punt return Saturday night against Tennessee? Wow! What a run!

This had to have been the best punt return I've ever seen. My friend and I were screaming for Joe to quit running backwards, next thing you know he's off and running down the sideline! Woo Pig! That run led to Joe being named the SEC's Special Teams Player of the Week for the second time this season! (Be sure to vote for Joe in ESPN's BEST OF THE BEST Poll. Click here, then look in the left hand menu to find the poll.)

The new BCS rankings came out last night and the Hogs are #6, right behind Oklahoma. Still a long shot to get to the National Championship Game or even Atlanta, but thanks to Boise State and Stanford losing the Hogs still have a shot at playing for it all. What the Hogs need to get to Atlanta (presuming they win out) is for Bama to lose. I know, as painful as it's going to be, I'm going to be rooting hard for Auburn to upset Bama in the Iron Bowl.

The Hogs will play LSU at 1:30 PM on Friday, November 24th. I'll be down there for the game and I'm going to call in to Lisa that morning and describe the scene down there as best I can and I'll also make a few posts from down there as well.

Oh yeah, Hogs still have to play Mississippi State before the LSU game (hope the team is more focused than I am). We'll be out on the golf course tailgating Saturday, if you see us stop and say hi!

GO HOGS! Beat Tigers, err.. sorry.. Bulldogs!!!