In Pennsylvania, police have arrested a couple for apparently trying to blow up a car with flaming tampons......... yes, you read that correctly.

Patricia Deshong, 25, and Quentin Deshong, 22 were arrested and charged with attempted arson, public drunkenness, and criminal mischief and various other charges. The two served a few days behind bars after the incident before posting $25,000 bonds and being released.

Apparently, the two tried to use the flaming tampons to ignite fuel and blow the car up. The police noted that the gas cap was open as well as the vehicle's oil fill cap. Ashes were found at both locations. Before their ill fated attempt to blow the 2006 Ford Fusion up, the couple trashed the vehicle. Knocking out or cracking all of its windows and putting dents all over it. The hood was also up and various hoses has been disconnected.

Although police say they have no motive for the vandalism, the victim's FaceBook lists Patricia Deshong as a friend.

The Smoking Gun has the perps mug shots and police affidavit. (Warning, harsh language).