Well, usually when someone thinks of Florida you think of white sandy beaches, pristine blue water and plenty of sunshine. Also, what comes to my mind is gators, sharks and bears?If you plan on spending any time in the Florida Panhandle beware of the Black bear! That's right, there have been more than a 100 sightings, more than usual this year. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission there has been quiet a bit of construction going on in their habitat along with campers leaving their trash around.

  Biologist Barbara Almario says "The biggest thing is garbage. I mean, we put garbage out scraps of food out onto the curb and we leave it unattended," "So, the best thing people can do is to learn how to secure that garbage until the day of their garbage pick-up.”

Officials plan to hold a workshop to teach residents how to persuade people to stop inadvertently feeding and attracting the bears.

So if you are heading on vacation to the Florida Panhandle it's not the sharks or gators if you have to worry about it's the Black bear.