LifeShare Blood Drive and the students at Pleasant Grove Elementary School are teaming up to help save lives.The "Be a Hero" program is designed to teach young students bout the physical properties of blood, how blood is used to help sick or injured people, and how children can become "heroes" by finding adults who can donate blood for the benefit of area patients who need it.

The students from Pleasant Grove Elementary will be involved by hosting a blood drive. They are calling on community members to help them collect over 40 units of blood through donations.

By recruiting donors, it gives the young children a sense of personal accomplishment and makes a difference in their community. The "Heroes Drive" will be Tuesday February 5th from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m.

The drive itself will occur inside the Pleasant Grove High School Library, although it is being  hosted by the elementary students in the district.

Tim Boyle/Getty Images