Brad Paisley's burning of an Arkansas Razorback Door Mat has replaced talked about fall practice on many Razorback message boards this morning. In case you've been under a rock and haven't heard, Brad burned the mat to get even with Edens Edge, the band (from Arkansas!) that's touring with him, after they replaced his West Virginia mat with it.


We had a lot of fun talking about this today, even made Kicker a "No Brad Zone" from 6-10am, but some of my fellow Hog brothers and sisters are just a little too riled up about this.. here are some of the (clean) comments from Razorback fans this morning...

YouTube - "Love to see him try that at War Memorial Stadium. West Virginia is a joke..."

YouTube - "I hope he doesn't play in any Arkansas concerts anytime soon. This is not a good way to make friends with Arkansas folk. West Virginia sucks"

Facebook User - "You suck brad I'll never buy anymore of your music.. is not that Good anyway.."

Facebook User - "i hope the rest of his tours fail and he goes bankruped and ends up living in a trailer park somewhere..( hopefully surrounded by ARKANSAS fans)"

Facebook User - "Arkansans are very passionate about their football team. Joke or not you do not disrespect our Razorback. He just lost a ton of Arkansas fans and I will not listen to his music anymore!"

Message Board User - "Poor taste Brad! You were one of the few country singers I could tolerate, not anymore. You’ve essentially just [bleeped] on an entire state. No more shows in Arkansas for you."

Message Board User - "I wouldn’t [bleep] on you Brad if you were on fire! To me, that’s ALMOST as bad as burning the American flag! I think we hog fans should burn your CDs! do yourself a favor and don’t ever cross the Arkansas state line!!!!!"

Wow.. all I can say is.. Simma down now people! This is Dixie Chicks v2.0 for Arkansan's I guess. I love my Hogs just as much as the next Razorback fan, but I really don't see the point in getting mad over it. Looks like we're going to have a great team this year, fall practice is going on, so let's focus on cleaning up our tailgating grills (which WE know how to light.. unlike a certain country singer apparently..)  and get ready to call those Hogs this fall!

Because, after all, "A Razorback Can Survive" (Thanks Baz!)...

BTW... Don't worry Brad fans, Kicker will continue playing his music. The boycott only lasted 4 hours. And no, we don't plan on having any Brad Paisley CD burning parties (although, even if we wanted to we couldn't because there's a burn ban in effect!).