Brantley Gilbert has survived a motorcycle crash before. But did you know he suffered an injury when he shot his new music video?

While filming a video for his latest single, "More Than Miles," things got a little tense and Brantley wound up hurting his hand so badly that it requires stitches. And when I say tense, I mean that Brantley really got into the character he was playing during the shoot.

Gilbert said, “It was at the end of the night and the director was like,

Alright. This is our last shot. So we gotta get it right now if we’re gonna get it. Whatever you wanna do.” And I actually ended up in the hospital that night after I broke the mirror with the chair. I punched that picture on the wall and I was under the impression that it was plexiglass. It was actually real glass so I ended up with stitches that night in the Vanderbilt Hospital. That was a wrap, I guess.”

“More Than Miles” continues to climb the country charts.

Brantley Gilbert just kicked off his First-Ever European and USO Tour.

See the latest Brantley Gilbert video from YouTube/Vevo.