Former Razorback Peyton Hillis is still in the running to be on the cover of Madden12, the last installment of the popular Madden NFL gaming series.

Now the feature back for the Cleveland Browns, Hillis blew past Ravens Running Back Ray Rice in the first round of the contest. Last week he narrowly slipped by Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan.

In the third round, which ends April 10th, he's pared up against Chiefs Running Back Jamaal Charles.

Fans can vote for their favorite player once per day, so bookmark this page and help Peyton move on to the semi-final round!

Former Hog great Darren McFadden was also in the running for the Madden12 cover, but was easily knocked out in the first round by Chargers Quarterback Philip Rivers.

(EA Sports Stock Photo)

McFadden was featured on the cover of the XBOX 360 version of  EA Sports NCAA Football 2009.