Don't worry, Carrie is still a vegetarian! Her sweet hubby, Mike Fisher, surprised her at Christmas with this cow picture entitled "Harry". She saw it while they visited the Laurel Leaf Gallery in Nashville and fell in love. This brings up so many questions.

First of all, would you be offended if your spouse bought you a picture of a cow? Would you think they were trying to send you a message? Doubtful in this case because Carrie is obviously not cowlike.

Secondly, the curator of the gallery blogged about Mike coming in and buying the picture-please tell me she did that AFTER Christmas, otherwise the surprise was ruined for Carrie. Horrible! I hate when people ruin surprises! 

Third, do you think Carrie fell in love with this picture because it reminded her of a cow she loved as a child growing up in Oklahoma? Maybe. We might never know.

Fourth, where do you hang a picture like this in your home? Seriously, what room do you spotlight a painting of a cow? Scott would probably say "the kitchen". Tsk, Scott Mills. Tsk. Tsk.

If you also love "Harry", you can get a print straight from the artist by clicking HERE :)

Happy New Year my peeps!