What Food Do You Associate With Texarkana?
There are many places all over the world that when you hear the name, you automatically associate them with a food, like when you hear of a cheesesteak most people think of Philadelphia, right? New York gives us deli food and hot dogs from street vendors...
Best Places to Eat Catfish in the Texarkana Area
If you grew up in the south, chances are you've had your fill of catfish. After all, that's a southern tradition around this part of the country. There's nothing like some good ol' southern fried catfish and hush puppies. Here's who I think has the best catfish in this area.
Best Loaded Cheese Fries in Texarkana
Last week I set out on a mission to find out who has the best loaded cheese fries in Texarkana. And, in no particular order, I found these local restaurants to have the best ones in town.

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