Fourth of July

Awesome 4th of July recipes!
I love the 4th! Not just because of the fireworks, but because of what it stands for. Our independence! Our freedom! I love it!
This Is the Proper Way to Eat a Hot Dog This July 4th
Part of what's so great about hot dogs is their simplicity. Take them out of their package, put them on a grill and, boom, everybody's favorite summer comfort food.
But using just a skewer and knife, the food wizards at Chow have demonstrated a way to get a lot more out your&…
Fourth of July: Proud to be an American [VIDEO]
This Fourth of July when you head outdoors to the lakes, cookouts, vacation, and plan your own Independence Day celebrations remember those men and women in uniform who sacrificed their own lives so that we might enjoy the freedoms we endure today as an American. This Fourth of July we stand proud, …
Some Cool Fireworks Without The Big Bang [VIDEO]
With the 4th of July fast approaching I thought it would be cool to get you ready to celebrate America's birthday with some cool GIFs. I have to admit it's just not the same watching fireworks without the bang and some music. Happy 4th everyone!!!
My Top Summer Songs For a Memorable Summer Party [Video]
Finally, summertime is here! Time for lots of fun in the sun, long days at the lake, backyard cookouts with friends, beach vacations and more. Summertime has always been a reminder to me of those good old days growing up. There are many ways in which to celebrate the summer season. Thought I would p…

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