Peeps No Longer The Most Popular Easter Candy
Oh no. Say it isn't so.
It appears from a survey that those delicious squishy marshmallow Peeps are no longer the number one Easter confection. Yes, many parents across the country are likely secretly rejoicing that maybe this year sugary chicks and rabbits (Peeps were originally chicks) won&apo…
3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Ace of Clubs House April 8
Here comes Peter Cottontail! I love the Easter season because everything is renewed, fresh, and revived. Not only does it represent the resurrection of Jesus Christ but in brings back a ton of memories for me as a child, Easter egg hunting.  Believe it or not, there is an Easter egg hunt going …
Why Isn’t The Monday After The Big Game a National Holiday?
The big game is coming up February 5 and it still amazes me every year that the following Monday isn't a National Holiday. No, I'm not just looking for a day off...well, okay kind of. Actually, it really does surprise me. Even people that don't watch sports will tune in at least for a…
Holiday Schedules for Local Liquor and Wine Stores
So Christmas and New Year's happens to both fall on Sunday and that means if you plan on getting stocked up on some holiday spirit you better do it before Sunday. After all, after an entire weekend with the relatives some of you may want to have a little extra kick in your eggnog.

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