It’s Time For Fireworks – Here Are Some Safety Tips
It's getting close to 4th of July and that means people will be firing off fireworks over the next couple of weeks. First of all, please remember it is illegal to shoot fireworks in the city limits. Second, even if you are out of the city limits, fireworks are dangerous. Here are a few safety t…
Country Songs in Celebration of Father’s Day [VIDEO]
Father's Day is this Sunday June 18. Over the years there have been many country songs written about fathers, whether it be to honor them, acknowledge them, or pay some type of tribute to what fathers mean to us. Country music has always been about real life and emotion that's why as count…
Sparks in The Park – Best Photo Contest
Sparks in the Park is coming up Saturday, June 24 at the Four States Fairgrounds and you will not want to miss all the family fun. And bring your camera, because we will once again have a best photo contest.
Historic Washington State Park Cemetery History Walking Tour
If you ever been to Old Washington Arkansas chances are you know the significant history this place has. When you visit what is now called, Historic Washington State Park, it's like taking a time machine back into the past with all the old buildings, church, courthouse, post office, school, you can …

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