The Four States Friends of NRA Banquet Is Tonight
It's here, it's tonight, the Four States Friends of NRA Banquet is tonight, Friday, March 10, at the Four States Fair Grounds in the Barbara Gleboff Fine Arts building. The food, the drawings the auction and the guns. All to benefit youth shooting sports in the Ark-La-Tex.
Pet Peeves When Driving in Texarkana
So you're driving down the road minding your own business when someone speeds by and cuts in front of you with no signal to indicate what they are doing. Happens all the time right? Don't you just hate that? You probably say to those rude drivers something I can't say here.
Romance Doesn’t Have to be Difficult
Today is Valentine's Day and whether you decide to give the traditional chocolate or roses there is a method to the madness. Most guys tend to just go in a store and if it looks good they'll buy it, thinking "she'll love it." But that's not necessarily the case …

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