Do You Remember The Jefferson Coffee Shop?
Are you a coffee drinker? Can't get through your day without a cup of java. Well, before there was Starbucks, there was the Jefferson Coffee Shop adjacent to the old McCartney Hotel downtown from what I remember.
2018’s Most Sinful States – Arkansas Made The List
Every state is known for its own virtues and vices. But harmful behavior on the individual level can result in staggering economic costs, considering that gambling addiction costs the U.S. $5 billion per year and smoking costs dwarf that with over $300 billion per year.
The personal-finance website W…
Western Author Dusty Richards Dies From Auto Accident Injuries
Lisa and I received a call from local Author Tammy Thompson the other day with the sad news that Western Author Dusty Richardson had passed away in January due to injuries received in an auto accident back in December. His wife Pat passed just a week before he did also from that same accident as I u…

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