New Wedding/Special Events Center Opens in Texarkana
The month of June is one of the most popular times of the year to get married and with June fast approaching are you in need of a wedding venue or somewhere to hold a special occasion? If so, there is a new wedding/event center to cater to your needs no matter how big or small the occasion.
Texarkana Target Now Offers Customers Drive-Up Service
So I was at Target shopping the other day and I noticed something different in the parking lot I haven't noticed before. It's Target's new Drive Up lanes where customers can order online and pick up their orders by driving up into the lanes and pulling out without having to leave thei…
What Does He or She Really Want in a Online Dating Relationship
Are you dating? Looking for that special someone? Dating at times can really become frustrating, trying to figure each others likes and dislikes can be very time consuming. The website conducted a Google survey of 1,000 Americans to find how men and women like to be complimented, the resu…
Last Day To Bid In The Seize The Deal Auction
Splitting wood now ensures it will be ready to burn by winter time right? So, if you're thinning the trees, you need one of these...  a 22-ton Oregon Log Splitter and a self-sharpening electric Chain Saw.  The Seize The Deal Auction ends tonight at 7 PM.

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