Provide a Pet a Pad — Animal Shelter Dog [VIDEOS/PHOTOS]
This beautiful dog is young and sweet. She doesn't appear to have had much done with her to this point in her life. She doesn't know how to walk on a leash yet. She is like a blank canvas just waiting to be painted. You can mold this girl into the dog that you want. She will be a great family pet. M…
Is Pampering Your Pet a Good Thing or Not? [VIDEO]
Thanks to WZTC-FM in Traverse City-Cadillac MI, for this great topic.One of the on air personalities there said during this time of the year the grounds in Michigan are either frozen or covered in snow. So the other guys in the show love rubbing in that "She's a dog and doesn't ne…
Provide a Pet a Pad — Fozzy Needs a Home
Fozzy has been at the animal shelter for about a month and is getting a little anxious to go home. He is friendly but needs a reason to pay attention to you. He is very soft to the touch and he loves to go for walks.

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