What’s In A Name? Depends On When You Were Born
Since all the latest baby name popularity has been released from 2014, now is the time to check this out. Simply go to the link below and type in your name, the year you were born, and your sex and the app will calculate what your name would be if you were born today based on the popularity of your …
Robotics – Cool Yet Creepy [VIDEO]
According to the movie "Terminator 2: Judgement Day," August 29, 1997 is when the robots became self-aware and the mounds of poo began pummeling the fan. Obviously we missed that date, but who's to say August 29, 2015 won't be "THE" day?
How to Change a Light Bulb 1,500 Feet in The Air [WATCH]
Okay, the New Year is here and maybe one of your goals is to look for a new job. Well, if you want something completely daring and different then I've got just the job for you. First of all, you better have some great insurance and must be a bit of an adrenaline junkie, a little crazy and not s…

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