Cool Caves and Caverns in Arkansas
So far it's been a hot summer and signs indicate there's no relief forthcoming. However, there are some places in Arkansas where you can go to cool down -- underground. Have you ever been cave dwelling? Arkansas has some of the best natural caves and caverns to get a little relief from the…
Wild Ride On The Cape Of Good Hope
So imagine this, you are a bike rider, you and your friends are going to take part in the Cape Argus Tour in South Africa and the day before you decide to take a warm-up ride down to the Cape of Good Hope on the Southern tip of Africa. Somewhere along the way you pick up a new friend.
2016 Great Texas Balloon Race July 22-24
If you missed the balloon races in Shreveport last week, have no worries because another balloonfest will be taking place in Longview, Texas this weekend. The 2016 Great Texas Balloon Race is July 22-24 featuring some of the most competitive pilots from all across the country.
10 Incredible Swimming Holes in Arkansas
Summer is in full force and the weather has been really hot all across the region. Trying to stay cool if you're outdoors is not an easy thing to do unless of course you head for your favorite swimming hole. In Arkansas, there are plenty of great ones that will remind you of your childhood -- s…
Best Places to Take a Float Trip in Arkansas
I've always been captivated by the beauty of Arkansas with its pristine lakes, mountains, rivers, and hiking trails. There is something for the adventurer in every corner of the state. And nothing is more adventurous than taking a float trip down a lazy river soaking up the sunshine and natural beau…

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