This Saturday Is The Veterans Day Parade – Downtown Texarkana
When was the last time you shook the hand of a Veteran and told them thank you for your service to this great nation? Well, here's your chance, it's time to honor our veterans once again with the annual Veterans Day Parade in downtown Texarkana, tomorrow, Saturday, November 11.
Scariest Villains/Creatures Of All Time – Jim & Lisa Poll
Late at night, when no one is around, the house is unusually quiet and still, of course, there's a full moon out, duh! So, there you are with a few hours to kill and you start scanning the scary movies for something to watch, and then, there it is, the one movie you refuse to see again because somet…
America Is Ready To Lead In Space Once Again [OPINION]
I grew up in the 60's and 70's and back then Americans took pride in the fact that we were the undisputed leaders in space exploration, even though we were a little behind getting started. We were reminded Wednesday morning during our History segment at 7:15AM during the Wakeup Crew that the Soviet …

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