Gear Heads Dream Shop – Look What Jim Stumbled Into In Katy, TX
Moral of the story first: You never know who you might run into.
It was just another Saturday in Houston running errands with mom on the day before Mother's Day, which included a run out to Katy, TX just west of the big city of Houston to pick up something my mom had left at a gift store with on…
What the Heck Is A Wood Badge?
What is a Wood Badge? It's a question I've been getting a lot lately so if you'll indulge me a couple of minutes I'll see if I can't explain it a bit.
Best Loaded Cheese Fries in Texarkana
Last week I set out on a mission to find out who has the best loaded cheese fries in Texarkana. And, in no particular order, I found these local restaurants to have the best ones in town.
Vince Gill’s Tribute Song To Merle Haggard
Here on Today's New Country, Kicker 102.5, we play a lot of new artists and their version of country music. But recently we lost a country music legend in Merle Haggard. His music has been such an inspiration for so many country artists over the decades -- some you've heard of, hundreds, m…

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