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Ready for Some Ranger Baseball?? [POLL]
The 2012 Ranger Baseball season starts up in 9 days on April 6th. In a recent interview, 2nd baseman Ian Kisler (see below) says the team is more experienced and can be the best in MLB this year.
Play Ball!!!!!!!!!!!
Play Ball!!! The Texarkana Arkansas Baseball Association will be holding their last registration sign-up for T-ball and baseball through age 14.
Win The Rangers Homerun Package!
This has been one hot summer and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has seen it's share of 100+ weather with no end in sight. Baseball is heating up as well, with The Texas Rangers at the top of their standings in  the American League Western division.
Get Paid To Watch Baseball
How’s this for a job: Get paid to watch baseball, from the comfort of your own custom-designed cave. That’s reality for Mike O’Hara and Ryan Wagner. They beat out 10,000 others to win a Major League Baseball contest whose prize was to watch 2,430 games…

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