Animal Videos

New Dogs at the Animal Shelter in Texarkana [VIDEOS]
It is puppy and kitten season and animals are being dropped off in mass amounts at the shelter. Last week over 100 dogs and cats were adopted because of kind donations that paid for the vetting and adoption fees. Obviously that is not something that can happen every week. Normally the shelter has mo…
Video of Dogs on Adoption Floor at Texarkana Shelter
The video below was taken of dogs on the adoption floor at the animal shelter in Texarkana on Monday afternoon, May 4. Maybe you will see a dog that you are interested in adopting or possibly a dog that looks like one that you lost recently.
This Duck Plays Fetch [VIDEO]
I've told you in the past about my duck, Hector, I had when I was younger. We always figured that Hector thought he was a dog because he came to us when his name was called. He would also always follow me and my sister around like a puppy, but play fetch?

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