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See What’s In Our Breakroom Refrigerator
Every now and then, when a bad smell knocks me down as I open the door of the refrigerator at work, I decide it's time to do a clean out. I try hard not to toss anything that might still be good but sometimes mistakes are made. I boo-booed and put a peach in the trash pile on the floor that tur…
Alright Then, Who’s Ready For A ‘Fun Video Thursday?’
We know how it is, the week is really starting to get to you, you know Friday is right there, you can almost taste it. Welcome to "Fun Video Thursday," when the week has taken it's toll, and you almost can't take it anymore, we're right there with you. What you need …
Best Practical Joke Ever?
I hate practical jokes. I have never enjoyed pranking others much less enjoyed being pranked, of course. But this one made me laugh out loud. A lot.
Awesome Military Fails Video Compilation [VIDEO]
I have a niece named Zabrina who left today to begin training for her job in the Marine Corps, having finished her basic training a couple of weeks ago. I thought she, and many of you, might appreciate this video. Good luck Marine. Be careful out there.

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