Funny Videos

Lt. Higgins Is Definitely Not the PC Police
Attention criminals and criminal wannabes, Lt. Higgins of the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's office spells it out pretty well on what's going to happen if you keep robbing that Piggly Wiggly.
This is my kinda cop!
This Duck Plays Fetch [VIDEO]
I've told you in the past about my duck, Hector, I had when I was younger. We always figured that Hector thought he was a dog because he came to us when his name was called. He would also always follow me and my sister around like a puppy, but play fetch?
Awesome Parrot Says ‘Bond, James Bond’ [VIDEO]
Oh my gosh! You've heard parrots talk before, right? Well, this one just might take the cake. This bird is the bomb. Or should I say Bond, James Bond?
I'm not sure which Bond this parrot is mimicking but it's great! Personally, I think he's in a Sean Connery mode...

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