Kid Videos

A Little Kid Shoveling Snow Stops And Yells? [VIDEO]
With all the snow the U.S. has been receiving this year some people are starting to get fed up with all the snow shoveling they have to do just to clear their driveway. For example a video has surfaced of a little kid shoveling snow and gets frustrated.
Mom’s Singing Makes Baby More Emotional [VIDEO]
When I was a baby I can remember hearing my mother sing me a song to help calm me down for being upset or just trying to get me to go to sleep. It's funny how you can be so small and recall that special moment as a child. But sometimes it doesn't go the way it's planned...
Father Knows Best [VIDEO]
When I was a kid growing I hated eating my vegetables I think most kids do. If you have a baby or very small child you know what I'm talking about. However, there are some unique ways in tricking your child so that they will eat their vegetables as evidenced by this video.

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