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6 Unique Roadside Attractions in Arkansas
Whenever you travel the great state of Arkansas you will find some interesting markers and roadside attractions. Some are cool and some are just bizarre, which makes you ponder the question on some of these attractions, "What were they thinking?
WWE Superstars At the Fairgrounds August 29 in Texarkana
Get ready Texarkana, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is back! Mark your calendars for Monday, August, 29, when some of the biggest WWE superstars, including John Cena, will descend upon the stage at the Four States Fairgrounds Entertainment Center at 7:30PM.
Four Urban Legends in Texas – Fact or Fiction?
I've always been fascinated by ghostly sightings or urban legends that culminate over the years by either eye witness accounts or actual experiences. Whether some are true or just made up, they still make for some very interesting conversations. Here's four urban legends that took place no…
Wild Ride On The Cape Of Good Hope
So imagine this, you are a bike rider, you and your friends are going to take part in the Cape Argus Tour in South Africa and the day before you decide to take a warm-up ride down to the Cape of Good Hope on the Southern tip of Africa. Somewhere along the way you pick up a new friend.
Country Newcomer Genevieve Allen Visits KKYR
There is a new Texas artist in country music and her name is Genevieve Allen. This week I had the distinct pleasure of meeting her for the first time as she makes her way across the country for a radio tour. In this business radio tours are a way for record companies to introduce newly signed artist…

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