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What Will Extreme Sports Look Like In 100 Years?
Extreme Sports are quickly taking over the "leisure" activity world. Remember when snow skiing used to be kind of extreme? Kind of dangerous? Or things like motocross, or maybe sky diving? Simple things like that are not considered extreme anymore. Now they strap on a wing suit and fly as …
Top 10 Songs That Mention Texarkana in the Lyrics [VIDEO]
The other day some of my friends and I were talking about songs that mention Texarkana in the lyrics and the title. I knew of a few songs right off the bat like "Eastbound and Down" from the movie Smokey and The Bandit. But did you know there are actually several songs?
Really? Pollen? Already?
Everyone knows the seasons have been a little "off" lately, seems to be about four weeks off actually. Well, spring is apparently here whether we're ready for it or not.

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