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Water Parks to Cool Off at This Summer
The summer time heat is on! Many of you will be trying all summer long to find ways to beat the heat. What better way than heading to your nearest water park for a little fun in the sun to cool off?
Where Are You Most Likely To See a UFO Near Texarkana?
So you're out driving late a night and you see something moving through the sky that you haven't seen before. It might be an airplane. Nope, they don't move like that. Maybe it's a helicopter? No wait, helicopters don't change direction that fast. The lights are all wrong, t…
Mosquito Net Bed Frame For Camp – Jim Weaver DIY
I've been going to camp with my Boy Scout son Tyler for three years now and we're coming up on year number four very soon. Every year I have seen these fantastic mosquito net frames some of the boys from other troops had for their beds and I kept thinking "one of these days I&apos…
PG Hawks Baseball In The Studio This Morning
Really it was more of a John Williams interview with two of the Pleasant Grove coaches and three of the pitchers this morning around 7:30. I'm a baseball fan, but I'm a schlub next to news and sports guru John Williams. So when we get the coaches in I usually just sit back and relax a bit.
Modern Handgun Cleaning – Much Easier Than You Might Think
It's something a lot of us kind of take for granted after you've been shooting guns for along time, cleaning that pistol. Some of us do it too often, some not often enough. Since a lot of us will spend time this holiday weekend at the range sending bullets downrange, let's make sure we're safe and o…
Relentless to Kick Off Sparks in the Park
Sparks in the Park will be held Saturday, June 25, at the Four States Fairgrounds in Texarkana. This fun-filled event will begin at 4PM and this year we're proud to announce that the band Relentless will kick off Sparks on Saturday evening.

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