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Montana Driver Caught Swerving And You Could Say He Was Buzzed
A Montana man was pulled over for swerving and assumed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol but not so. This man was transporting several hives of honey bees, they apparently weren't interested in staying in those hives.
Plus: Never bake drunk... and in Florida a man dropped a receipt w…
Kenyan Lawyer Offers Dowry for First Daughter
A Kenyan lawyer has offered up a terrific dowry for first daughter Malia Obama, including 50 cows and 70 sheep! No word from the White House yet on this lucrative offer.
Plus, Illinois couple celebrates grandchild number 100, and an Irish man robs a store wearing a soccer jersey with his own name on …
Montana Couple in Big Trouble for Arson
Montana couple in big trouble for arson. How did the cops know? Let us count the ways!
Complete story in the Great Falls Tribune.
Plus, Illinois bowling lanes worker hit herself with a bowling ball to fake a robbery. And, Maryland teens release 72,000 ladybugs in a school!
Wrong Bank – Wrong Time – Wrong Mixed Martial Arts Fighter!
Florida bank robber picked the wrong bank at the wrong time in front of the wrong Mixed Martial Arts Fighter. When police arrived the would-be robber was Hog-tied on the sidewalk.
See full story on My Fox Tampa Bay or the video below.
Plus; Man creates a drive through in his own living room!…

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