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Awesome Military Fails Video Compilation [VIDEO]
I have a niece named Zabrina who left today to begin training for her job in the Marine Corps, having finished her basic training a couple of weeks ago. I thought she, and many of you, might appreciate this video. Good luck Marine. Be careful out there.
Girl Scout Troop 2125 Visits the Radio Station
Our thanks go out to Girl Scout Troop 2125 for stopping in this morning to tell us about their event tonight at Chicken Express in Wake Village.
Troop 2125 is trying to earn its Silver Award and in so doing must complete a 50-hour service project that makes a lasting impact on the community. The...
Paul Harvey’s ‘Policeman’
Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs recommended the other day that we watch a video that features a narration from the late and world famous newsman, Paul Harvey, which is mixed with modern day photos. It's called "Policeman." I watched it and give it two thumbs up.
The Eagles in Concert Was a ‘Life Experience’
Being a radio dude for as many years as I have been a radio dude, you can imagine just how many concerts I have seen. It's a lot. They're all at least slightly different. Some suck out loud. Some not so much. Others are great and still others are OK, I guess. But on a rare occasion you do get the ch…

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