When I picture CHRIS YOUNG, I see him wearing his ever-present black Stetson.  He's seldom photographed without it.  But that's the old Chris.  He recently decided to start appearing in public without said hat.

He says, quote, "The biggest thing for me is I feel like I can wear a hat, or I can not wear a hat, and I'm kind of enjoying not wearing one right now.  I'm just kind of exploring it and enjoying it."

Chris thinks people were suspicious that he was trying to hide a receding hairline, which he's not.

He says, quote, "I'm going up to people and I'm like, 'You know, I'm 25, right?'  And they say, 'Yeah.'  It's like, 'So, why do you think I didn't have hair?'  No one can explain it.  They just laugh."

Chris hasn't ditched the hat completely... he just doesn't want to look exactly the same all the time.  That's why you'll see him with it and without it in the video for his song, "Tomorrow".

Here's a video of Chris doing "Tomorrow" live...

He explains, quote, "There's a lot of stuff in the new video we just shot.  There's a shot of me with the hat.  There's a shot of me not wearing it.  So, it's just kind of keeping people on their toes."